The Value of Life

Life is a gift, never take it for granted.

The AIR, the PEOPLE, the THINGS.

The value of life is just so precious.

DO everything with love because you can.

LOVE everyone with love because you can.

APPRECIATE everything in life because you can.

We should never let fear take over us,

but let FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE propel us.

To reach our goals,

and go beyond our limits.

You only live once,

And REALLY you only live once.

So make the most out of it,

With love ❤️

Empower Love,




Change. It’s inevitable but it’s good.

When I was little, I remember the first time I didn’t want change to happen. My dad bought a new house, and we had to move. It was scary, I gotta admit I had to change schools.. but turned out I loved my new school, made new friends, and everything was okay 🙂

As we get older, we come to accept change. Your friend who use to be your bestie, might not be your bestie anymore, or your sister who use to be with you all the time, moves out to go to a new school. Change brings in NEW. People move on, and people stay. I learned that change is okay, and in order for it to be okay you have to face change and adapt to it.

Change is good, and in order to move forward in life, you have to accept change.

Are you the same person you use to be when you were 10 years old? Of course not! You grow up…You’ve changed! Do you still use the same cellphone you use to have when you were in high school? Of course not! (maybe some people still do), but you kinda get the message. You are surrounded by change, and the world itself is changing. Face change, because change is good. Change is a part of life.

Empower Love ❤


Change is good.


23 lessons

I woke up this morning, and I couldn’t believe it was my birthday, this year went by so fast! I graduated university, started my career in Zumba, and also run my own jewelry business now. When you have goals in life, it’s amazing what you can accomplish in a year.

I think it’s a good idea to look back and reflect on your birthday, the experiences you’ve gone through, and what you’ve learned. Throughout the year I gotta say I learned to say ‘no’ a couple more times, and stand a little taller with my own decisions. So…here are 23 things I’ve learned when I turned 23, hope this list inspires you to write one too! 🙂

1.Love, Loove, LOVE YOURSELF !!!<3 ❤ ❤

2. Forgive but never forget.

3. You are stronger than you think you are.

4. You choose your thoughts. Take control of your thoughts and you can control how you feel.

5. Be grateful every single day, it feels so good to be grateful! 🙂

6. Hard work always pays off.

7. Big dreams/goals takes time (there’s a reason why their big!) so be patient and enjoy the journey.

8. Trust actions, not words.

9. It’s OK not to know where you’re going, you’ll end up where you need to be. ALL THE TIME 🙂

10. Don’t worry, worry gets you no where.

11. If you never ask, you’ll never get.

12. Think about yourself first, before saying ‘yes’ to someone’s favor

13. Even when you explicitly say ‘no’ to someone, and they don’t get it, keep saying ‘no’ to them until they get it.

14. No one is judging you except yourself, so don’t judge yourself or others.

15. You can travel the world if you want to.

16. It’s OK to be nice but don’t let other people take advantage of you.

17. Family becomes more important.

18. It’s OK to ask for help.

19. It’s OK to be sexy…

20. Know what makes you happy, so you can be happy whenever you want 🙂

21.  Even if something seems impossible or hard to do, YOU CAN DO IT!

22. No one is perfect, be your own kind of beautiful.

23. Life doesn’t have to be tough, everything you go through, makes you YOU! ❤


Hope this list inspires you to write one too! 🙂


Empower Love ❤




Replay your victories!

When is the last time you treated yourself? …maybe a while ago? Most of us, when we look at our lives we highlight the good and the bad, the challenges we’ve been through, and the breakthroughs we’ve overcame. But sometimes we overlook how strong we are as human beings, to have fought the battles we’ve fought, or to adapt to change we never thought of. I’ll tell you this: CELEBRATE YOURSELF TODAY!! You have been through what you’ve been through, made it out, and still living life! (maybe even with a bigger smile) 😉

You are strong, and you are capable of anything, and everything ❤ You have been through your ups and downs, and made it to where you are now. Why replay your losses in life, when you can replay all your victories? You are a champion.

Wouldn’t it feel so much better to think of all your victories in life, than to beat yourself up in shame from the mistakes you’ve made in the past. People make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes, IT’S OKAY WE ARE ALL HUMAN… not robots, no one is immune to mistakes, or else we’ll never learn from anything. It’s our mistakes that changes us, it’s our mistakes that makes us better, it’s our mistakes that makes us humans.

We have to train our minds to make us feel better about ourselves, rather than beat ourselves up in shame from the mistakes we’ve made in the past, replay all your victories in life!…like the day you finally made it out of school, or built yourself a table, it could be anything that made you feel good about yourself. The past is dead and gone, and the only thing we can change is NOW. Be proud of who you are, and let go of any shame you hold, today is the present. You are perfect just the way you are, and you are victorious just for being you. Go ahead and celebrate yourself today 🙂

Empower Love ❤

Life is beautiful.