Stay Grateful ❤️

When you walk the sidewalks your walking on, go into buildings, use the elevator, or take the stairs…have you ever thought, it wouldn’t be made possible if it wasn’t for our construction workers.

We should be so thankful for all the things made easy for us. We live in a country where transportation, food, and shelter is easily accessible…we even have WIFI. 

When we open up our fridge there’s food, when we need something we can head to Walmart, when we want to search something up there’s Google.

…some people walk miles for water, miles for food, miles just to barely survive.

“The average distance that women and children walk for water in Africa and Asia is six kilometers (3.7 miles). ” -Water for the Ages (2009)

Sometimes we tend to want more, because we compare ourselves to how other people around us are doing, BUT look outside of us, where we are, and realize how abundant our country is, how abundant we are as a whole, we have more than what our eyes can see.

You have more than what most of the world don’t have.

Stay grateful ❤


Empower Love,




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