Don’t be a yes girl.

In the past, and sometimes even now, I realized I would say ‘yes’ to a lot of things…whether it’s a favor for someone (big or small), helping someone out (young or old),  having to ‘yes’ to my parents all the time…most of the yes’ I’ve said, actually, ALL OF THE YES’ I’ve said I could say ‘no’ to.

I know myself, for a girl, it might be tempting or easier to be nice or say ‘yes’ all the time. When someone asks me for help, I would immediately say ‘yes’ without thinking about myself, because in my mind saying ‘no’ would be mean (especially when someone needs your help)…BUT I REALIZED THIS, saying ‘no’ doesn’t mean you’re mean, it means you made sure YOU were okay first, and that you had time in your schedule to fit something. Also, you had time to make sure you weren’t forced to say ‘yes’, and to think about the consequences of saying ‘yes’ before making your own decision.

When I was a ‘yes’ girl, my schedule would be packed not because of my own things, but because of other people’s things. I realized I was not happy, I had no time for myself, and I was frustrated. I just had enough and I stopped saying ‘yes’ to people when I thought about myself first.

When you say ‘no’, it doesn’t mean you’re mean, saying ‘no’ is being assertive, it’s about thinking about yourself first before others, it’s about taking care of yourself, it’s about making your own decision, and having a choice.

Your time is precious here, and it’s not for people to take advantage of, don’t be a ‘yes’ girl.

Empower Love ❤




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