Get used to being uncomfortable.

As an entrepreneur, or a person who has big dreams or goals, you want to see change, you want to see progress all the time…but to see progress, you have to get used to being uncomfortable, doing things out of your comfort zone, and really going for what you want. You DO know what you need to DO, it’s just the fear that’s holding you back. 

Sometimes being uncomfortable doesn’t feel right, it just feels really off, and sometimes you’ll have thoughts like “I don’t want to do this, I’m so comfortable here…” but the discomfort doesn’t go away…right?? Let me ask you a question: Did comfort ever get you anywhere?? NO! Look at where you are now, how you got to where are right now IS because you were uncomfortable, and you did something about it!!

Being uncomfortable with where you are right now, is actually a great opportunity for you to grow, and challenge yourself to step up your game, and take action. Having fears of failing, or the possible ways of failing is normal, but look at it this way, why not think of all the ways you can succeed and not fail, think of all the ways you’re going to make it, and not back down, and all the incredible people your going to connect with, and all the people who have already succeeded before you!! Look your fears right in the eye and say “I’M NOT GOING TO LET YOU STOP ME, I’M GOING TO MAKE IT, AND I’M GOING TO SUCCEED NO MATTER WHAT.”

You have to feel SO CONFIDENT in yourself and in your dreams that you know you’re going to make it, no matter what. So don’t let fear get in the way, but use it to propel you to take action and provide a stronger base for you to grow. Always remember why you started and never back down. No one ever made it to their dreams without being uncomfortable, so get used to being uncomfortable, and just do it! Do what you need to do next to get closer to where you want to be. Know your end goal, and you will make it to the top. Nothing is impossible.

Empower Love ❤





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